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AXIOM is a community of loving people at the University of Illinois who will help you live fully and make your difference in the world today by doing work you love.

Make Your Difference in the World by Doing Work You Love

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What's Your Life Purpose?

We help you find your life purpose & passion, so that you're not just getting a degree and J.O.B., but living who God designed you to be so that you get paid to do your Life's Work. Wake up every morning excited for YOUR Life.

What's Possible For You?

Work from wherever with your passion. On your laptop at the beach, get paid for your passion, do work YOU LOVE - the opportunities are boundless in this new economy and we'll show you how!

Who's Helping You?

Surround yourself with people who will make it possible for you to live fully, find your dream job, and make your difference in the world. We will help you get from where you are to where you want to be.


Thursday Nights

Fun and amazing experience every Thursday, 7-8pm, at Bevier Hall, Room #166, with topics that include:

  • Find Your Life Purpose
  • How to Land Your Dream Job
  • What Living Fully Looks Like
  • How to Know God's Will for Your Life
  • How To Do Work That Matters (and get paid)
  • Discover YOUR Why
  • Your Life's Work
  • Designing Your Life Plan
  • Who To Marry

Venue: On Campus at Bevier Hall, room #166. Just show up, bring a friend if you want.  Because the first meet up is a FREE COOKOUT, it'll be held at the Campus House (across from Alumni Center) at 810 West Oregon St. AXIOM sign in front, 5pm (DINNER TIME!)! Rest of semester time is 7pm

Mentoring Program

Interested in working one-one-one with one of our Mentors? They are professionally trained to align who YOU are with what you do so that you can live fulfilled, do work your love, and make your difference in the world today. Schedule a 30 minute 1:1 time to go further, faster in life. In the first mentoring meet up we will .... 

1) Create an individualized custom plan for you to find the work you love, live fully, and make your difference.

2)  You'll discover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you from experiencing your desired life.

3)  You'll leave the session reenergized, renewed, and excited about finding work you love and living fully.

 Contact Aaron Bird: [email protected]


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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is welcome!  You do not have to be a student at the University of Illinois to be a part of AXIOM.

Most AXIOM events are FREE! Some special events may have an investment but you will be notified before you attend. 

There is no weekly commitment to AXIOM. You can come as you wish!

Our normal Thursday event location is located on the U of I Campus in Bevier Hall, room #166, 7pm. Because the first meeting is a FREE COOKOUT at 5pm dinner time, it'll be held at the Campus House 810 West Oregon St (across from the Alumni Center on Lincoln Ave)

Register above with your name and email. You will be e-mailed the events weekly. 


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